Every year I go back and forth trying to decide which is my favorite season…it truly is a toss up between spring and fall. I love spring with its fresh smells, new life and bright sunny skies; however, fall holds a special place with the crisp air and leaves, crackling fires, and snuggling under blankets with a warm mug of cocoa.

The temps here in South Carolina have finally become a bit chilly and, as a result, it brings the return of soup season and there is nothing than I enjoy more at then end of a long work day than a bowl of comforting, soul (and body) warming healthy soup! 

Reasons why I love a good soup!

•  Warms the soul (and stomach!)
•  Budget friendly
•  Delicious leftovers
•  Chicken soup is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for flu season!
•  Everything all in one pot…less mess for this busy mama to clean!
•  Most can be thrown in the crockpot…another win for this working mama!

Now, although soup is one of the best comfort foods there is that doesn’t mean it has to have the stigma of sticking to the ribs and never leaving 😉 There are an abundance of healthy, yet absolutely delicious recipes that can keep you going strong on your journey to health and fitness.

Because I’m such a huge fan, I put together this collection of the “Best Healthy Soups And Stews Recipes” for you this fall! I’m sure you’ll find one (or two) that you’d love to try. All these fall soup and stew recipes will not only keep you warm and fill your tummies, but it will HEAL you, boost your immunity and surely satisfy you. Can’t wait to hear which ones you like the most.


21 Day Fix Soups

21 Day fix is a meal plan focused on eating from all food groups, but limiting your portion sizes with the help of portion control containers. How many portion containers you use will be determined by your weight bracket. Here’s an easy to follow guide you can save.

Having the portion containers makes life so easy by not having to count every calorie or macro. Simply place the food in the container to measure it out and tada you are done!

•  White Bean and Kale Soup
•  Zuppa Toscana
•  Chicken Tortilla Soup
•  Sausage, Vegetable and Barley Stew
•  Beef Stew
•  Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
•  Pasta Faggioli
•  Stuffed Pepper Soup
•  Cheesy Potato Soup
•  Broccoli and Cheese Soup
•  Butternut Squash Soup
•  Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili
•  New England Clam Chowder
•  Italian Wedding Soup
•  Thai Curry Sweet Potato Soup

Paleo Soups

In a nutshell the Paleo way of eating is to consume whole foods that can be found in nature and eliminating all processed foods. This back to basics way of eating has many health benefits as it reduces or eliminates completely the amount of preservatives, trans fats, and sugars that we consume.

•  Chicken Pot Pie Soup
•  Cauliflower Chowder
•  Cabbage Beef Soup
•  Roasted Pumpkin and Ginger Soup
•  White Chicken Chili
•  Creamy Coconut Carrot Soup
•  Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup
•  Chicken Tortilla-less Soup
•  Tomato Basil Bisque with Italian Meaballs
•  Tumeric Chicken Stew
•  Minestrone Soup
•  Sausage, Kale, Sweet Potato Soup

Keto Soups

The ketogenic (or keto) diet is a lo-carb, high fat diet that reduces your carbohydrate intake and replaces it with healthy fats. The goal with this way of eating is for your body to be in a state of ketosis, where your body become more efficient in burning of fat for energy. Because, you are upping your intake of fat it helps to keep you full even while losing weight.

•  Beef Stroganoff Soup
•  Creamy Spinach Artichoke Soup
•  Broccoli Cheese Soup
•  White Chicken Chili
•  Roasted Cauliflower and Aged White Cheddar Soup
•  Bacon Cheeseburger Soup
•  Green Chile Enchilada Soup
•  Jalepeno Bacon Cheddar Soup
•  Chicken Fajita Soup
•  Buffalo Chicken Bacon Soup
•  Pumpkin Soup
•  Chunky Chili
•  French Onion Soup
•  Lasagna Soup
•  Crab Chowder

Trim Healthy Mama Soups

Trim Healthy Mama is a way of eating that many have had great success with. Basically you separate eating your fats and carbs. You will always have a good source of protein and veggies in your meal, but you will alternate between complimenting that meal with a fat/satisfying source (S) or a carb/fuel source (E). The reason for this is that it helps your body to more quickly burn through what you’re eating (turning your food into the energy your body uses to run), rather than having to work through processing both fats and carbs (which usually cannot all be burned through and are thus stored as excess fat). Generally you should try to wait 3 hours between eating a satisfying (fat focused meal) and an energizing (carb focused meal).

•  Sweet Potato Bisque (E)
•  Bacon Tomato Soup (S)
•  Turkey Pot Pie Chowder (S)
•  Spicy Bean Soup (E)
•  Chicken Gnocchi Soup (S)
•  Taco Soup (S)
•  Cream of Broccoli (S)
•  Chicken, Barley, Veggie Soup (E)
•  Cream of Mushroom (S)
•  Happy Harvest Soup (S)
•  Vegetable Beef Soup (E)
•  Thai Soup (S)
•  Loaded Baked “Potato” Soup (S)
•  Mom’s Chicken Soup (E)
•  Our Favorite Soup (S)

I’m hoping you found this roundup of healthy soup recipes to be helpful and filled with delicious recipes that will keep your family warm, healthy and happy all fall long!


xo, Rebecca

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