Budget Friendly Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Budget Friendly Valentine’s Gifts for Him

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Saying, “I love you” doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. In fact, showing someone you care is more about moments than items.

That said – I still love gift giving!

Here is a roundup of budget friendly gifts to show that special man in your life, that you care. (I tried to stick below $20, but there are a few that are a bit above that).

The Techie

The Foodie

The Musician

The Man’s Man

The Dad

The Romantic

Some of my favorite ideas are creating a memory book, a coupon book of dates or special things you’ll do for him, or the date night idea cards.

It’s not hard to find gifts that are both affordable and thoughtful.

If you have any other ideas that boyfriends or husbands might love, please share them in the comments below!


Gift Guide: Budget Friendly Valentine’s Gifts For Your Man
Best Budgeting and Coupon Apps for 2019

Best Budgeting and Coupon Apps for 2019

If you are like me…or a 3rd of the American population….you most likely made a New Year’s Resolution or goal to cut back on spending, save more and pay off debt. And we understand the basic principle of the thing…stop spending so much so that you can save more.

But how???

That was my question as I headed into this year. I know I need to spend less and save more for the future. I know I need to get our financial situation monitored more closely…but how do I do that?

You see, many times financial advisors will give advice to “cut out the unnecessary spending”.  And, YES, that is one of the first steps to financial freedom; however, for much of the general population they have already cut out much of the unnecessary and still find it is hard to have enough at the end of the month to set aside for savings…or even just to pay for the bills.

I get it, my husband and I have tried to minimize our monthly expenses as much as possible. (now I am a Starbucks junkie…well, really a going out for coffee junkie. I realize this is one thing I need to cut out and only indulge if I have been gifted a gift card or cash specifically for the purpose of coffee. It seems so small in the moment, those 5 dollars…but, those 5 dollars x how ever many times I [you] go a week/month for coffee add up! So, it’s a personal goal of mine to cut out that spending.)

Okay, back from that rabbit trail…we try to minimize our expenses as much as possible. We don’t have cable and we cancelled our Netflix (we just don’t have time with a baby…and if we want to watch a movie we’ll see what is available for free with our Amazon Prime). We also just cancelled our gym membership in favor of working out from home. Which, works out so much better with having a baby! Once he falls asleep, we just press play on the program we’re following and we get it knocked out in an hour without the travel time (and it’s definitely cheaper than going to the gym!).

We are pretty good at our goal of only eating out once a week, but for a while it was difficult for me to get breakfast and lunch prepped for Jose. Thankfully, we’ve gotten better at that and now Jose has a good breakfast at home and then I pack a sandwich or leftovers for his lunch.

Perhaps, just in reading the few steps we have taken to minimize unnecessary spending has already brought to mind a few things that you could improve on or change!

BUT, maybe your one of the people who already does those things…

I have a few more ideas for you!

I have done a bit of research as to what some of the best apps are when it comes to spending a bit less and saving more. I have been using them and loving the ease of use as well as the financial impact they are having for our family!


Let’s take a peek!

Mint is a well known and popular budgeting app. What I love about it is that it has the ability to connect with almost every US financial institution! Talk about making life easier! Mint allows you to see all your accounts, credit cards, and bills in one place…which is aaaamazing!

Within the app you can set up a budget and set reminders for when your bills are due. For me, being able to see all my bills in one place and not have to remember my login info for who knows how many different sites is awesome!

Mint will automatically suggest a budget, based on spending; however those amounts can be changed according to your personal preferences and goals. Because Mint keeps track of everything you’ll easily be able to see areas of overspending or areas that you are doing really well in!

The best part about this budgeting app…it’s FREE!

Now, Acorns is not for spending less or budgeting…


It does help you to save more. Which, is something I think we all need a little help with. Basically, it helps you to save money by rounding up any purchases that you make with a linked card and putting that extra change into a an investment portfolio.

Example: Say, you make a transaction for $4.35…Acorns will round it up to $5 and send that extra 65 cents to your portfolio where you are gradually and painlessly accumulating funds for your future.

What is a portfolio with Acorns? 

A portfolio is a combination of investments, usually stocks and bonds. Stocks are a share of the ownership of a company and bonds are when an investor (you) loans your money to a business or government for a specified period of time and then earn interest on that loaned money.

Acorns is extremely cost friendly as well, starting at $1/month to open up your portfolio.

Every little bit of savings adds up in the end!

Now, Honey isn’t necessarily an app. But it is still very useful!

Here is my basic summary.

Honey is an extension that you can download into your favorite web browser. A little icon with an “h” will then appear in the top of your internet browser. When you are shopping on line Honey searches for all coupon codes available for the site you are shopping at and then applies them all to your purchase when you check out. The two fold blessing is that it saves you money and time (who has 15 minutes to search for possible coupon codes…and then half don’t work???)!

Instead of searching manually for coupon codes and then inputting them to find out that they were fake or expired, Honey searches and finds all legitimate, usable coupon codes and automatically applies them to your purhase.

When shopping on an online store the Honey extension will light up letting you know that there are available coupon codes…you can go ahead and click to see what goodness it has hiding there or wait until checkout to click and seeing it apply every possible discount to that total in your cart. There is nothing better than watching that number jump down a few dollars!


One of my personal favorites about Honey is that when I am shopping on Amazon, Honey will automatically scan the entire Amazon site to make sure that you are getting the best price on the product you are interested in. If there is a seller who has it at a better price…Honey will let you know!

Think I’m done?

Think again!

There is one more awesome feature to Honey. On top of saving you money on your purchases if you are purchasing from a retailer where Honey makes a commission from your purchase, Honey will split that commission with you in the form of points or “Honey Gold”. With 1,000 points you can redeem them for a $10 giftcard!

There are a few more perks about Honey, so you can read about them here. I’ll also be posting a more in depth look at all the benefits of Honey and a more personal review…so stay tuned!

Shopkick is an app where you can earn points from making purchases at the stores or online retailers that you already shop from. Not only that, but you can also earn points from just walking into the store. Once you have racked up enough points they can be redeemed for giftcards to your favorite retailers!!!

There are quite a few ways that points can be earned:

  • Walk into stores
  • Scan barcodes of select products
  • Purchase with a linked card
  • Purchase and submit a receipt
  • Visit online stores
  • View online products
  • Make online purchases
  • Watch videos

With all that variety the points can add up fast. Then simply redeem those points for a gift card to your favorite store…with this extra money you can go ahead an get yourself a special treat without the guilt of it coming out of your budget 😉

If you are going to download the app make sure to use my code BLUE549382! You’ll earn an extra 250 points if you do!

Ebates is simplistic in it’s approach. There are no points or giftcards. All you do is shop using Ebates at your favorite store and with your purchase you will get a certain percentage of cash back! Keep a look out for when there is triple cash back! I have seen the percentage of cash back you earn on your purchase as high as 30%.

shhh…here’s a little secret

When you are doing your online shopping activate Ebates, when you go to checkout you know you’ll be earning cash back…but before you hit that checkout button make sure you click on your Honey extension to get as many discounts on your purchases as possible. Discounts + Cash Back = the perfect double whammy!

With this discount app, just scan item barcodes to find out if any rebates are available. You don’t have to do anything at the register when you’re checking out! Instead, upload a picture of your receipt into the app, and Ibotta will give you cash back. Once your total adds up to $20, you can cash out and put that extra money toward your future grocery budget or a gift card.

With this app, you won’t see immediate savings at checkout like you would with a coupon. But you will get actual cash back in your pocket to use later on down the road—which we think is worth the wait.

So, there it is…the bet apps for budgeting and saving! Becoming financially responsible doesn’t have to be scary or dreadful. It can actually be…fun, as long as you have the right tools to use. I’ll keep you posted as time goes on about how much I have been able to save using these apps. Plus, if you have any others that you love, please let me know! I’d love to check them out!
Best Budgeting and Coupon Apps for 2019
Best Budgeting and Coupon Apps for 2019
Best Budgeting and Coupon Apps for 2019

How To Write Viral Blog Posts That Grow Your List and Business

How To Write Viral Blog Posts That Grow Your List and Business

There are so many areas that a business owner needs to focus on for growth. Things like email lists, online courses, and webinars are super important to a business’s growth and meaning, but they’re not always the most important place to get started. Instead, the foundation to creating a blog that will draw people in and keep them wanting more is writing blog posts that offer them value.

In fact, writing blog posts can help bring in income from many diversified areas.

  • Launching a physical product shop filled with all your creations.
  • Earning money through affiliate marketing, advertisements, and sponsored brand collaborations.
  • Coaching and consulting.
  • Teaching online courses.

It’s also the place that can make the most impact in growing an email list and connecting one’s audience. In all reality, it is quite easy to state that every business owner — no matter which niche or industry you’re in — should create a blog.

However; it is not as easy as it sounds…blogging is not spewing words onto a page and hoping someone will read them. Your blog (and more specifically, your blog posts) needs a strategy. So, today, I will explain how to excel at creating blog posts that will grow an audience, earn an income, and affect people’s lives. 

First, why is it so important to create a blog? Here’s what your blog can do for you:

  • Help you grow your email list and audience.
  • Act as a starting point for making sales.
  • Produce engagement and fans.
  • Build authority and credibility.
  • Grow your traffic.

Yes! ALL of that!

For those reasons, I truly believe that a blog is one of the key factors to creating and growing a profitable online businesses — no matter what you’re niche or product is.

Businesses that don’t have blogs often have trouble attracting clients, take longer to be seen as leaders in their field, and struggle to grow their email lists; however, through blogging one begins to build credibility not only in their product, but in their own personal brand (which is the most important factor to creating a profitable business).

Businesses that use content marketing (aka: blogging) can earn up to 6x more than businesses that don’t.

So, in this post, we’re going to dig deep into creating amazing blog content that will bring in readers and help you to draw as many benefits out of your blog as you can.

Let’s get started, step-by-step, on how you personally can write posts that will exponentially grow your list and business.

1. Come up with a blog post idea.

When considering potential blog posts, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • How does this post help me make more sales?
  • Does it lead into a sales funnel opt-in?
  • Does it attract potential clients?
  • How does this post help me stand out as an authority in my niche?
  • Does it accurately reflect my skills?
  • Is this topic going to solve a problem for my target audience or clientele?
  • How will it help one of their biggest problems?

It’s okay to want to create a blog posts that is valuable both in educating your readers and grows your own busines. Yes, you can create blog posts that are more like journal entries or that are just for fun, BUT doing that for every post, without a strategy for monetization, means that you are growing a hobby, not a business.

Not sure what to write? There are several ways you can come up with great blog post topics!

  • Check out Google! Start typing in a possible topic keyword and see what pops up.
  • Create a survey for your audience that asks them which topics they need help with most.
  • Use Google Adwords Planner (a free tool to help find keywords and phrases that are commonly searched for).
  • Check out what topics are trending in Pinterest
  • What are frequent questions your target clients ask you?

Pro Tip: When searching keywords use phrases that are longer than one word. I would not target the word “Keto” because it’s way too broad. Get a bit more specific with your keywords in order to rank higher in search engines.

2. We’ve got a keyword…what do we do now?

Make an outline of the idea you want to share.

This will help you organize your thoughts in a cohesive way and make sure that you are providing clear step-by-step, actionable information that points your reader in the right direction.

What you want to do is create content that is “the ultimate resource” on that particular topic, theme, niche rather than a short post that lacks helpful information.

Have you considered the millions…well, billions of blogs that are out there (with probably several hundreds of thousands in your niche)? I’m not trying to depress you here…just trying to bring a point across…which is:

You need to up your content quality if you want it to stand out.

Now, don’t get down! Many bloggers out there don’t have a strategy when it comes to writing awesome content that brings true value to their readers. Now that you know, you’ll be several steps ahead!

3. So what do we do to make our blog posts stand out?

1. Aim for at least 1,500+ words (even better = 2,000-3,000)

2. Make your content ACTIONABLE. You want content that is more than rainbows and unicorns…the majority of content you find online is simply not helpful or something you could figure out using your own common sense.

The key difference in writing actionable, rather than about rainbows and unicorns, is in telling someone HOW to do something, rather than just WHAT to do.

And of course, this works no matter what you’re blogging about. If you’re a DIY blogger sharing a blog post with “3 Awesome Projects to Make From Pallets,” don’t just share images of what you did. Instead, show step-by-step photos and directions. Perhaps even create a video!

Make it so that whoever reads that post leaves it KNOWING how to replicate that awesome piece of furniture you made from that wood pallet. This is the difference between creating a blog full of inspiration vs. information.

Don’t get me wrong, inspiration is amazing. I love being inspired…some days I NEED to be inspired! But here’s the difference: Inspiration makes me want to achieve my goals even more. But it doesn’t tell me how to achieve them.

3. Divide your content up into smaller sections

Our culture has now found itself to be in a place of continuous nonstop movement, where we want to consume more, faster. Blogs need to adapt to succeed. You’ll notice that in this blog posts, I have short paragraphs.

Big chunks of text are going to turn people off. Readers prefer headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs.

Perhaps, you might be thinking, isn’t this the exact opposite of writing long blog posts?! Not really, and here’s why:

People are busy, so they like easy to read content. But we also live in an era of authenticity and information. Marketers are now focused on sharing value rather than sharing fluff and salesy-ness.

We live in the Era of Information. Your audience WANTS to learn and dig deep (they just want to do it in a way that engages their shorter attention span!)

4. Your post should solve a problem. This goes back to my point about sharing information, rather than inspiration. You will attract a much larger audience if you can show them how to solve a problem vs. simply sharing “ideas”.

4. Once you have your content it’s time for SEO

Remember when you picked a keyword for your post in step one? Well, now it’s time to use that keyword for more than just your blog topic. Now, you will build upon that keyword to help your post rank higher in search engines, bringing more organic traffic to your site (hooray for more subscribers and sales!).

So, once you have your keyword, where do you put it?

  1. The title of your blog post. Preferably, at the beginning of your title.
  2. In the URL of your blog post.
  3. Several times within the content of your post (using variations of your keyword is acceptable).
  4. In the headlines of your blog post.
  5. In your image file names.
  6. On your Pinterest image title.
  7. In the alt text of your images (before inserting the image into your post).

Most of that will come naturally as you write a post on your topic anyways. You may just need to do one final check before hitting “publish” to see if there are other places where you should be putting your keywords.

Overall, making sure your blog content has great SEO does not take a long time and is mostly an intuitive process. But if you do it right, it will result in you creating a blog that gets tons more traffic from Google and Pinterest.

5. What is the next step for my content?

In reality, your blog content should be a first step in a path that you’re sending potential customers on. Having someone simply visit your blog is not the end goal. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

The end goal is typically making more sales of your products or services.

The way you normally will achieve that end goal is by first attracting people to your blog, then getting them to join your email list, and finally using your email list as a way to share value and pitch your products. If you haven’t gotten started on growing your list, I urge you to get started. To make it even easier for you, I’ve included a link to ConvertKit on my resources page!

But how do go from reading a “blog post” and “making sales”?

Well, there’s a few things to consider…

1. You want to attract potential customers/clients. This means that your posts should be focused on things your target audience would be searching for.

Your content should also showcase your authority and solve a problem for your peeps.

2. Use your blog to grow your list. 

An easy way to do this is by adding a “content upgrade” to your blog post, which is some sort of downloadable, extra piece of content. For many of my bloggers, they choose to include an opt-in form which will give access to a free resource library filled with organizational and time-management printables! Find something that will work well for your niche and go for it!

3. Have a plan of action after someone opts in to your list. 

It’s one thing to grow an email list full of your target audience. It’s another to have a plan and strategy in place as to how you’ll turn those subscribers into customers and clients.

Again, I recommend creating your free content around the products and services that you offer so that it’s very easy to promote products that your audience actually wants.

But I do also recommend creating a sales funnel to ensure that you’re making sales on autopilot.

Alright, my friends, I hope this post helped you realize the major importance of having a blog, and how to use your blog to grow your audience and income. 

how to create viral blog posts, how to write viral blog posts, creating blog content, viral content, grow your list, sales growth
how to create viral blog posts, how to write viral blog posts, creating blog content, viral content, grow your list, sales growth
How to Start a Blog: With No Prior Experience

How to Start a Blog: With No Prior Experience

Blogging on your mind, but not sure where to start?

Blogging is everywhere these days. There are blogs for about every subject under the sun: mom blogs, fitness, lifestyle, you name it…there’s a blog for it! I’m sure if you are a mama like me you spend the majority of your spare time scouring mom blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook looking up parenting advice or ways to earn extra income. As your devouring information I’m sure the thought crosses your mind if you too could start a blog!

The answer is, yes! You could and you should! I believe every mama should start a blog! Starting a blog has been one of the best decisions I could make as a mom! It has given me something to call my own. A hobby that offers me an outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and allows me an opportunity for personal growth.

Plus, I know that one day my blog will allow me to achieve my dream of staying at home with my kids! There are an abundance of successful mama bloggers who have not only replaced their full-time income but have surpassed it by leaps and bounds! Take a peek at these bloggers who have grown their influence and are now living the life they dreamed of with their families:

Starting a blog is one of the best choices you can make and I wanted to help you with a step-by-step tutorial showing you how easy it is to get started! Don’t worry about having to be techie (I’m faaaar from that myself!). This process is easy and streamlined and just like me you can have your blog set up with Siteground in less than 10 minutes!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Discover Your Niche

The first thing you need to take into consideration as you think about starting a blog is what you are going to want to write about…and it should most likely be something you love and are familiar with, since you will be writing the majority of your posts on this niche topic.

Why do you need a niche? It’s not a necessity, but having a niche will help to provide you a framework in which to formulate your blog posts. It is going to streamline your writing process since you will be focusing on topics in your niche. The biggest bonus…it is going to help you grow your blog and your following quicker!

Here are a few questions to help you make your decision:

What do I love?

Think about something that gets you excited. What is it you are constantly searching in Google or Pinterest? What are some hobbies that you have enjoyed throughout your life? These are going to be areas that you can use as your niche.

What do I have experience in?

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to be the world’s top expert on this topic, but it will certainly help when writing blog posts to have knowledge about your topic. It will also help you to grow your following as they see that you know what you are talking about.

Can I Monetize it?

 Perhaps you are only interested in blogging for the fun of it, the community or personal growth…but, if this is something that you want to use to help you acheive your dream of being a stay at home mom or being a world traveler (or both!) than you are going to need to consider if this topic will be something you can easily monetize. Most every niche has earning potential; however, take a few moments and consider how you can make money in your niche area.

Choose Your Name

Once you have focused in on your niche it’s time for the fun part, choosing your blog name! It’s time to use your creativity and brainstorm some titles that work in your niche! Keep in mind it should be something that your readers can relate to as well.

It also helps if your readers can be clued in to what your niche is from your website name.

As you can see my blog title includes the word momma, letting readers know that it is going to have posts that are associated with motherhood. However, I don’t have anything in my title related to blogging…so don’t get too hung up on the title. Have fun with it!

Rule of thumb: make sure your blog name is memorable, easy to spell, and relates to your brand.

Have a few options just in case the one you were thinking of is already taken! 

It’s now time to create your blog!

Choose Your Platform

I personally use WordPress.org as my blogging platform. You will find there are many more opportunities to customize your website. This will also allow you greater accessibility to monetize your site, once you are ready to take that step! Not to mention there is amazing support for the WordPress platform!

Keep in mind that if you opt for a WordPress.org site you will also need a site hosting provider. Basically, this is access to the server that runs your blog. Don’t let that frighten you, because I’m going to walk you through setting that up as well in this tutorial!

Set Up Your Blog

When I started my blog I wanted a provider that would be secure and reliable…and also a good value! Which is something we are all interested in, right!?

I personally decided to use Siteground as my provider. There are many hosting providers to choose from, so why did I opt to go with them?

1. Incredible Uptime! (Uptime is the metric that represents how much time system or device is successfully operational. In laymen’s terms it’s when a system is working.)

One of the worst things you could experience as a blogger is to have your site crash. Knowing that your provider has excellent ratings is going to keep your mind at ease and stop any headaches before they even start.

With Siteground you’ll have amazing uptime. 99.996% over the past year!!! This means that in one whole year they have only experienced 20 minutes of downtime! That is an amazing accomplishment that not many other hosts can come close to.

2. Amazing 24/7 Customer Service!

No more waiting an hour or more to speak with a customer service rep! No one has got time for that in this busy world! Sitegrounds fantastic tech support is there night and day to help you out with whatever questions or problems you might come up against. Not only do you have the option to call, they also have the amazing option to chat with one of their tech experts online. If you are like me and have a baby, online chats are an awesome option to avoid crying in the background!

As you can see Siteground has some amazing features to offer you as a new blogger! So, are you ready to get started! Keep following this tutorial and we’ll have your blog up and running in less than 10 minutes!

Before we get started, the easiest thing is to follow along doing the tutorial with me! So click on over to Siteground and let’s do this!!

Step 1: Choose a Plan

As you can see the most basic plan is their Startup Plan, which is only $3.95/month! A great price for investing in your own business!

This includes: 

  • One Website
  • 10GB Web Space
  • 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • Plus, all of the essential features. 

The plan that I would recommend to bloggers is the one that I am personally invested in and that is the GrowBig plan. At only $5.95/ month it is an amazing deal since you will not only be getting the basic features, plus premium!

This will also give you even faster customer service response times and priority service! Something you find exceedingly helpful as a new blogger! The Grow Big plan includes, 

  • All of the features of the StartUp Plan
  • Hosting for Multiple Sites
  • 20GB Web Space
  • Best for up to 25,000 Monthly Visits
  • Extra Fast Response Times
  • Premium Support
  • The Super Cacher – This helps your site run faster, improving SEO ranking with Google and helping to keep your readers on your site.

If you feel like you are ready to conquer the world and show off your inner geek than the GoGeek plan is for you! At only $11.95/month this option allows you to host a high-traffic site. It also is a great option if you are planning on running an ecommerce site. Some of the features include:

  • 30GB Web Space 
  • 100,000 Visits Monthly

Choose which plan bests suits your needs and lets Get Started!!!

Step 2: Choose Your Domain

Remember the list you made of potential website names? Your domain name is what people will remember you by when they are on Pinterest or Facebook. A domain name is important since it defines your brand. So, when someone thinks of your site’s name, it should represent your brand. You can use your own personal name as the title of your blog, or use one of those potential website names you had brainstormed in the beginning. Just remember to keep everything simple and straight to the point.

When you get to this page, you can use your existing domain name or pick a new domain name.

Type in your website’s name, and it will check if it’s available. If your website name is available, you can move on!

Fill out your account and client information.

Payment Information and Purchase Information

Extra services: here you can choose to select or unselect the extra features that you might need or might not need on your blog. For the most part, the basic features are fine. To remove the extra services just uncheck the boxes.

Congrats mama! You now have hosting for your blog! All you need to do is to install WordPress and get creative. It is pretty simple to set up, but if you need some help? The tech team at SiteGround will set it up for you!

All you need to do is go to “live chat” and talk to a SiteGround representative. Ask them if they can set up your WordPress site and send over your login details…that’s it! This process will take a max of fifteen minutes and then you can access your beautiful new site!

Once they send you your login details go to www.yournewsite.com/wp-admin and login!

Installing WordPress

If you would rather install WordPress on your own follow the steps below.

First, go to the My Accounts tab and click on Go to cPanel.

Next, click on WordPress in the Autoinstallers section

Then click the blue “Install” button.

On the next screen fill out the following: 

Choose Protocol: most likely it is http://

Choose Domain: The domain for the site you are setting up

In Directory: Leave this section blank

Site Name: Anything to help you remember which site this is. Note: you can update this later.

Site Description: A brief description of your site. Note: you can update this later.

Admin Username: You will need to remember this! Write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Admin Password: You will need to remember this! Write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Admin Email: Your email address.

Language: Your preferred language.

Choose a Theme to Install: You can install a theme here or on the backend of your WordPress site. You can start with a free theme and upgrade to a paid theme as your blog grows!

Now using the username and password you just created go tohttp://www.yournewblog.com/wp-admin (your domain) and login!

TA-DA! You are now the proud owner of your own blog!!! Now it’s time for the fun part…let’s get writing!

start a blog, mom blog, start a mom blog


5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Why would I want to add another another thing to my plate? Do I really need another ball to juggle in my already busy life? Definitely legitimate questions to ponder as the thought of starting a blog lingers in your mind. There are numerous reasons as to why blogging is an amazing opportunity, but I’ll highlight my personal top five. These not only apply to me as a mom blogger, but can apply to any type of blog you want to start: lifestyle, fitness, cooking, etc. The following are reasons why you should not waste anymore time self-doubting or questioning if it is viable option:

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1. Creative Outlet:  As an adult and a mom it can be hard to find time (and money) to invest in hobbies. I completely understand this; however, as many other moms can attest to…you need something for yourself. As a mom you dedicate everything to your family: time, emotions, and even your body (cheers to you breast-feeding mommas!). Sometimes it can begin to feel like you begin to lose yourself, like there is nothing left that you can call your own. Keeping a blog has given me something that I to work on myself, that I can take pride in as I see it growing. As moms our minds are constantly churning with thoughts, processes, ideas…the list goes on. Blogging has allowed me an outlet to work out those thoughts. If I choose to I can chronicle my journey and help to get out all those thoughts and feelings through daily diary-type entries, or share what I am learning with other moms to help them…or a combination of both. Even in just the short time I’ve been blogging it helps me to clear my mind and get some of those crazy postpartum hormones put to good use! When I write it helps me organize the jumble of thoughts I have in my head and organize them into an actual usable sequence. After my mind feels so much less cluttered. Whether you are a mom blogger or not, blogging can help you cultivate those creative juices, keep your mind focused and allow for greater growth. 

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2. Personal Development: There are many diverse avenues of personal development that happen when beginning to blog. I’ve only skimmed the surface myself; however, I’m already starting to dig deeper into the blogging world and all of its facets. Here are a sampling of areas I have already begun to see growth:

  • Grow and refine your writing skills: As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”! The more I write the more confident I become. I am learning to express myself more succinctly, my vocabulary is growing, and research skills are getting stronger.
  • Learn how to prioritize and goal set: As a mom there are is very little downtime. In fact as a mom you just can’t do it all. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who helps, but even still getting things done takes planning. Blogging has helped me to write out my goals not just for my blog, but for my life in general. I am learning how to break down those goals into smaller action steps. Not only that, but I’m having to prioritize my tasks and schedule what needs to get done and when. All this helps life to flow just a little smoother.
  • Learn your own personal strengths and weaknesses: I’m pretty great at organization and time management; however I can grow in self-motivation and confidence. Hitting the publish button at the end of the post is opening myself up for criticism. It’s allowing others to see me, my thoughts, and feelings…and that’s scary! I’m learning to let go of my fear of what others think and to reach for my goals.
  • Learn new skill sets: Most likely when you start blogging you will go into it just like I did with very little knowledge as to HTML tags, setting up a theme, creating email lists or opt-ins, social media marketing, etc. Blogging is an area where there is so much to learn! Plus, the blogosphere is constantly changing so once you feel confident in certain areas there are new techniques or tricks to learn. 

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3. Influence Others: This is one of my personal motivators. I have always enjoyed being a person others can turn to for help or advice. Blogging is an avenue in which you can showcase your expertise and experience for the benefit of others. Through my blog I have the ability to help new moms who might be feeling overwhelmed or give advice to new bloggers who are just starting out. Blogging allows this ordinary person to have to opportunity to influence countless lives through the medium of my blog.

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4. New Connections: Blogging has such a vast community no matter what subject you decide to blog about. Not only can you connect with readers via comments, social media or email, there is also the opportunity to form relationships with other bloggers in your niche. There are so many spheres of community in the blogging world there are Pinterest group boards, Facebook groups, Tailwind Tribes, your readers, and many others. As you get involved with your readers and those in these groups your audience has great potential to become close friends or business contacts.

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5. Make Money: I never try to have money as my main motivation for anything I do, but let’s be honest…it is a necessity. As a new mom it was so hard to go back to work and leave my little boy. My job is great, but my dream is to be able to stay at home with my little one while helping to supplement income for our family. Blogging offers me this opportunity. I haven’t gotten to the point to make it my full time job, but I’m hoping that comes in the future just as it has for others. Take a look at some of my favorite bloggers and how they are bringing in a full-time income with their blog:

I love the content that they put out for growing your mom blog. Their income reports are quite impressive and give me the motivation to keep pressing on. Keep in mind each of these bloggers started out where you will…at the beginning with nothing other than the drive to learn and achieve great things.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in to this crazy blogging life! There is so much you have to look forward to!

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