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I’m Rebecca, a working mama with the sweetest baby boy and a dangerously handsome husband.

You know those basic tee’s that say “This mom runs on Coffee, Target, and Amazon prime”…well, they got it right! Just add in a few books and the beach and that would the perfect depiction of this mama’s favorite things!

What gets me out of bed in the morning? Knowing that I get to create a home and life where others feel encouraged and blessed. As I continue in this journey of life I am realizing God’s calling to glorify Him in where I am at, but to also impact the lives of others by being a listing ear, empathatic friend, and encouraging mentor.

That’s my goal here on the blog…because mom life, though the best life…is hard. So, welcome friend to a place where we can be real and grow together in this journey of motherhood as we become the best version of ourselves and learn to better serve the ones we love. ♥

Rebecca Joy

My Better Half

He’s my encourager and stabilizer. And as he would say…the coffee to my cream. Without him, I would probably be “in the depths of dispair”. His positivity and joy for live help to combat my “realism” and encourage me to live in the moment, enjoying the blessings I have around me.

It’s amazing how God works in our lives and knows exactly just who and what we need! I still marvel at how He brought us together…from completely different cultures and thousands of miles away.

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Our Newest Edition

Our newest blessing made his appearance this year. We can’t even imagine our lives without him, now! He is an absolute joy…despite his difficulties sleeping! He is always ahead of the game, crushing those baby milestones weeks before he’s “supposed to”. With two teeth and beginning to crawl, it’s already hard to remember how small he was as a newborn. And just like his parents, he always has to know everything that goes on…having a house full of people that he can listen to and have “ooh” and “ahh” over him is his absolute favorite

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