Why would I want to add another another thing to my plate? Do I really need another ball to juggle in my already busy life? Definitely legitimate questions to ponder as the thought of starting a blog lingers in your mind. There are numerous reasons as to why blogging is an amazing opportunity, but I’ll highlight my personal top five. These not only apply to me as a mom blogger, but can apply to any type of blog you want to start: lifestyle, fitness, cooking, etc. The following are reasons why you should not waste anymore time self-doubting or questioning if it is viable option:

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1. Creative Outlet:  As an adult and a mom it can be hard to find time (and money) to invest in hobbies. I completely understand this; however, as many other moms can attest to…you need something for yourself. As a mom you dedicate everything to your family: time, emotions, and even your body (cheers to you breast-feeding mommas!). Sometimes it can begin to feel like you begin to lose yourself, like there is nothing left that you can call your own. Keeping a blog has given me something that I to work on myself, that I can take pride in as I see it growing. As moms our minds are constantly churning with thoughts, processes, ideas…the list goes on. Blogging has allowed me an outlet to work out those thoughts. If I choose to I can chronicle my journey and help to get out all those thoughts and feelings through daily diary-type entries, or share what I am learning with other moms to help them…or a combination of both. Even in just the short time I’ve been blogging it helps me to clear my mind and get some of those crazy postpartum hormones put to good use! When I write it helps me organize the jumble of thoughts I have in my head and organize them into an actual usable sequence. After my mind feels so much less cluttered. Whether you are a mom blogger or not, blogging can help you cultivate those creative juices, keep your mind focused and allow for greater growth. 

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2. Personal Development: There are many diverse avenues of personal development that happen when beginning to blog. I’ve only skimmed the surface myself; however, I’m already starting to dig deeper into the blogging world and all of its facets. Here are a sampling of areas I have already begun to see growth:

  • Grow and refine your writing skills: As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”! The more I write the more confident I become. I am learning to express myself more succinctly, my vocabulary is growing, and research skills are getting stronger.
  • Learn how to prioritize and goal set: As a mom there are is very little downtime. In fact as a mom you just can’t do it all. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who helps, but even still getting things done takes planning. Blogging has helped me to write out my goals not just for my blog, but for my life in general. I am learning how to break down those goals into smaller action steps. Not only that, but I’m having to prioritize my tasks and schedule what needs to get done and when. All this helps life to flow just a little smoother.
  • Learn your own personal strengths and weaknesses: I’m pretty great at organization and time management; however I can grow in self-motivation and confidence. Hitting the publish button at the end of the post is opening myself up for criticism. It’s allowing others to see me, my thoughts, and feelings…and that’s scary! I’m learning to let go of my fear of what others think and to reach for my goals.
  • Learn new skill sets: Most likely when you start blogging you will go into it just like I did with very little knowledge as to HTML tags, setting up a theme, creating email lists or opt-ins, social media marketing, etc. Blogging is an area where there is so much to learn! Plus, the blogosphere is constantly changing so once you feel confident in certain areas there are new techniques or tricks to learn. 

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3. Influence Others: This is one of my personal motivators. I have always enjoyed being a person others can turn to for help or advice. Blogging is an avenue in which you can showcase your expertise and experience for the benefit of others. Through my blog I have the ability to help new moms who might be feeling overwhelmed or give advice to new bloggers who are just starting out. Blogging allows this ordinary person to have to opportunity to influence countless lives through the medium of my blog.

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4. New Connections: Blogging has such a vast community no matter what subject you decide to blog about. Not only can you connect with readers via comments, social media or email, there is also the opportunity to form relationships with other bloggers in your niche. There are so many spheres of community in the blogging world there are Pinterest group boards, Facebook groups, Tailwind Tribes, your readers, and many others. As you get involved with your readers and those in these groups your audience has great potential to become close friends or business contacts.

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5. Make Money: I never try to have money as my main motivation for anything I do, but let’s be honest…it is a necessity. As a new mom it was so hard to go back to work and leave my little boy. My job is great, but my dream is to be able to stay at home with my little one while helping to supplement income for our family. Blogging offers me this opportunity. I haven’t gotten to the point to make it my full time job, but I’m hoping that comes in the future just as it has for others. Take a look at some of my favorite bloggers and how they are bringing in a full-time income with their blog:

I love the content that they put out for growing your mom blog. Their income reports are quite impressive and give me the motivation to keep pressing on. Keep in mind each of these bloggers started out where you will…at the beginning with nothing other than the drive to learn and achieve great things.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in to this crazy blogging life! There is so much you have to look forward to!

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